This has been a week of hard work punctuated with emotional highs and lows. Now that I have jumped through most of the required hoops and am thinking more clearly, I realize I was looking for signs of support in the wrong places. In fact, when I wasn’t looking for support, I received what I needed most.

The new website that I thought would be completed last May was ready to go live! Feeling elated and tired, I worked through the last minute questions my web designer bombarded me with. No way did I want to slow down her progress! Still working at about 11:30 pm, my husband made a remark that annoyed me. Feeling emotionally done with this day, I quietly left the room, thinking I would go to sleep.

Excited, frustrated and mentally tired, I wondered why my husband did not notice and offer me the emotional support I “clearly needed. Couldn’t he just come into the room, stroke my hair and gently talk to me – then it would all be better.” He didn’t, I was too annoyed to ask, and my agitated thoughts kept me up until the unsightly hour of 2 a.m.

The next evening, we indulged in a movie on the big screen. After 2 hours of blissful escape, I felt my husband firmly grip my hand as he guided me down the staircase to exit the theater. I was caught off guard by how loved, valued and protected I felt in that simple, thoughtful, unexpected gesture…and a little guilty about my feeling unsupported the night before!

Are You Paying Attention To The Signs Of Support Around You?

What would be possible if you felt even a little more supported in the world?

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