healthcare speaker women physicians
healthcare speaker women physicians

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I am a seasoned healthcare speaker. My presentations and workshops focus on showing women in healthcare how to lead most effectively while staying true to themselves. My talks are available for organizations, professional associations and industry groups.

My most popular topics are described below, but if your audience needs something different, just let me know. I customize my presentations for each engagement.

Leadership Alchemy:

A Powerful Approach for Leveraging Leadership Potential of Women In Medicine

Leadership Alchemy:

A Powerful Approach for Leveraging Leadership Potential of Women In Medicine

Have you ever been told you’re too introverted, too concerned with what others think or that you don’t know enough to be a good leader?

During this talk, Deborah will share with you a few key strategies she uses with clients to help them transform perceived deficits into leadership assets.

Join Deborah Munhoz to:

  • Explore how gender-based expectations might be holding you back as a leader
  • Identify 3 surprising challenges unique to women leaders
  • Learn a simple 3-step process for turning a perceived liability into an asset

Building Your Personal Leadership Brand

Expand Your Effectiveness & Open Doors

Building Your Personal Leadership Brand

Expand Your Effectiveness & Open Doors

What would happen if you could consciously shape your identity and distinctiveness as a leader?

Today’s world calls for a new paradigm of healthcare leadership. You can’t rely on clinical expertise alone; you must also influence others, work in partnership and get bottom line results.

How you behave, react and interact with others creates your reputation or brand – it’s what you become known for.

A strong leadership brand makes you stand out, expands your effectiveness and opens the door to new opportunities.

In this class, participants will learn a simple five-step process for creating a bold leadership brand statement that describes what they stand for and sets them apart.

Create Positive Change

Strategies to Resolve Conflict

Create Positive Change

Strategies to Resolve Conflict

Conflict is inevitable. And conflict can be something that doesn’t need to be dreaded, but instead approached with a positive expectancy and results!

Some conflict is healthy. When not managed well, however, conflict can become destructive and lead to medical errs, poor patient satisfaction, increased cost and higher turnover. Learn the skills you need to use conflict productively:

  • Your conflict style preference and how it influences your interactions with others.
  • Strategies to engage in conflict calmly- so your emotions don’t get in the way.

Engage with conflict proactively to avoid unnecessary, costly measures.

“I would 100% recommend others work with [Deborah]. She truly goes out of her way to make sure she delivers what was asked/promised. I never hesitate when an opportunity to comes up to work with her.

I want to thank [Deborah] for all of her hard work and dedication. I can tell that she loves what she does, and I appreciate her sharing that passion with us!”

dr gina anderson  Brittany Hink, Product Owner: Customer & Membership, American Association of Physician Leadership

“The support and open sharing in the group made this experience different (and better!!) than any other leadership training I have had. After completing the program, my ability to lead effectively has greatly improved, and I’m feeling more confident and assertive in my role.”

dr gina anderson  Caryn Mickelson, Coordinated Care Organization

“My mission is to help women healthcare leaders reach their highest potential.”
- Deborah Munhoz

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