Healthcare Leaders:

What if there was a way to convey authority while trusting your inner compass?

A personal leadership brand statement will help you adapt, flex and meet challenges in creative new ways – particularly when you’re feeling frustrated with how hard it is to walk your talk and lead with influence.

Your clarity empowers you and other women to excel by bringing forward more of your unique leadership perspective.

Focus on your personal leadership brand when…

  • You need to check your direction and get back on track quickly.
  • You want to set yourself up for success with a promotion or, when you need to show up powerfully for an important presentation.
  • You need more clarity and inspiration for navigating life-changing decisions.

Clients say that their personal leadership brand statement is like a compass that guides their decisions and behaviors.

I wrote Create Your Personal Leadership Brand: The Key to Greater Influence and Lasting Impact in Life and at Work as a resource for clients in my signature coaching program, The Resilient Leader Way™.

Discover how to lead from the inside out with more resilience, greater influence and lasting impact!

“My leadership brand delights me. I could not have claimed these strengths a few years ago. Now I am accepting myself and can use my strengths effectively.”

Kristen Brown, MD

Why I Do the Work I Do

Why I Do the Work I Do

A common question I'm asked is "how did you get into this work”? There are many intersecting layers of my identity and my past that weave into my story. The short answer- it’s all about my higher purpose. Up until my mid 20's, I was the quiet, well-behaved, good girl....

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