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Women in healthcare are in a unique position to catapult their career while helping fix a broken system.

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As a female healthcare leader, you’ve undoubtedly had ideas about what needs to change yet feel frustrated. Let’s change that!

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Hi, I’m Deborah,

For the last 20 years, I’ve coached hundreds of top-level female healthcare professionals to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles women face, such as retaining team members, inspiring innovation, improving quality of care, and saving time and money.

I see women leaders as the key to the future of the healthcare industry, and yet they often are the most underserved and unsupported group.

When women lead in healthcare, everyone wins.

I’ve developed this survey to help you maximize your leadership influence. As successful as you are, you will be surprised at the barriers that hold you back.

If you gain even one tip to help unlock your power, your time will have been well spent.

By stepping into your leadership potential, you can advance your career, reduce burnout, AND help overhaul our broken healthcare system.

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What People Are Saying

“Now I see my situation differently and won’t expend my energy on what I can’t change.”

Holly Jo Hodges MD, MBA, FAAFP

“I have figured out what I want to pursue and effective ways to move forward to accomplish those goals.”

Dr. Meena Bedi, Radiation Oncologist, Assoc. Professor

“I had a vague idea of my value as a leader. Now I have greater clarity of my executive leadership potential and the unique value I may offer both as a woman and a physician.”

Dr. Kristen Brown, President, Mercy Health Physician Partners

What could be better?

About Deborah

In working with women leaders in healthcare, I have discovered that when they are clear about their strengths and what they believe in, they are more confident to take action, even in the face of resistance. I am passionate about helping my clients overcome barriers, reach their highest potential, and effect change.

I have loved coaching, mentoring and training women in healthcare for over 20 years. Prior to becoming a coach, I was a healthcare entrepreneur and business owner.

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Certified Physician Development Coach


Certified Physician Development Coach

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“My mission is to help women healthcare leaders reach their highest potential.”
- Deborah Munhoz

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