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Deborah Munhoz, MS, PCC

What I Promise:

“I intend to be known for being boldly committed, playfully innovative and compassionately inspired to create a world where women physicians are valued and appreciated for their leadership.

Fresh out of graduate school, Deborah Munhoz launched a home infusion pharmacy. She chose a challenging industry, a challenging business partner, and a challenging time to be a woman in healthcare to start her leadership journey. Although they had amazing success, it was a hard path that grew her quickly and made her a leader, Deborah is still discovering who she became out of that experience.

“If only I had valued what I brought and had trusted myself, others could have appreciated more of what I was doing. It was up to me to know my strengths and stand up for my perspective, even when others did not agree. Being asked to conform, being less than I really was, to just doing a job without leaving a mark left me feeling diminished, undervalued, and unfulfilled. Getting positive results isn’t enough when it doesn’t feel good!”

Today Deborah Munhoz coaches and trains women who are developing their authentic leadership potential. She helps you discover what you really stand for and explore how being both vulnerable and powerful is a key to your leadership success.

If you are a woman healthcare leader who believes that when you leverage your full leadership potential, it is better for everyone, then you are a person with whom Deborah does her best work.

“I believe that women can be, must be, and deserve to be valued for their unique contribution to leadership. There is power in and through all women working together to transform healthcare.”

My Philosophy

I believe we all have a unique contribution to make.

When there is no roadmap, make your own path.

When you follow your passion, you are going in a right direction.

When you already know the answer, you miss what is possible.

When you smile knowingly at imperfection, you get things done.

When you risk being both vulnerable and powerful, the payoff is greater collaboration, confidence and influence.

I am committed to a world where women physicians are valued and appreciated for their contribution to leadership!

Education and Background

Deborah Munhoz earned her Master’s Degree in Health Sciences Administration. She owned and operated a successful home infusion pharmacy for 18 years prior to starting her coaching practice in 2002.


Deborah Munhoz’s clients include Kaiser Permanente, Hospital Corporation of America, Intermountain Healthcare, Inc.,  The Hospitalist Company, University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medical School, Oregon Health Sciences University & Medical School, and River Bend Medical Center.

“This program gave me the confidence and essential tools to garner respect at all levels, professionally as well as personally.”

dr gina anderson   Dr. Gina Anderson DO, M.S. Neurology

“My mission is to help women in health care explore the power and vulnerability of leadership to gain greater influence, stronger collaboration and deeper impact.”
- Deborah Munhoz

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