As a physician leader, you have probably been in a team meeting where because of your role others did not speak up. The unfortunate side effect is you won’t get all the best ideas on the table. What can you do to invite and engage leadership dialogue?

Dr. Jane, a Chief Medical Officer wanted to carefully plan her meetings but some days there was just no time for it. Rapidly Planning Effective Meetings helped her get clear on what she wanted from a meeting. Participation and discussion were required in order to get the results she needed. It sounds easy but encouraging others to participate takes patience and self-management. Why? because it feels like you are going slow to ultimately go fast!

Dr. Jane Did Two Things to Create Leadership Dialogue:

First, invite participation. Dr. Jane told her team she valued and needed their perspective and experience.

Second, ask questions to engage others’ thinking and ensure all perspectives are represented.

  • What are you seeing that we haven’t explored yet?
  • What do you see as your options?
  • If you had a choice, what would you do?

You can also invite and then stimulate your leadership dialogue by:

  • Choose key participants to ensure all perspectives are represented
  • Creating an invitation that sets expectations
  • Distribution of key information prior to the meeting
  • Structures to stimulate engagement and dialogue, such as simple icebreakers, asking a direct question and including visuals.

A heartfelt invitation and open-ended questions will go a long way toward creating more leadership dialogue and getting more perspectives heard. The introverts on your team will thank you and trust and the quality of decisions will improve.

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