Are you stalling because you are too busy or are you afraid?

Dr. Lara has been in private practice for over 12 years. She loves her patients and gets along OK with her partners, but she was longing for something more. She has a vision, something that excites her. She sees a way to prevent common challenges her patients come to her with every day.

Dr. Lara knows getting the word out with teaching and writing will prevent unnecessary pain and suffering. She fantasizes about sharing her solutions on Oprah! While her local educational events have been a huge success-she wants to touch even more lives. But how, when she is already so busy?

Any new trajectory takes us into new territory. For a while you will not be an expert. The first steps are how the evolution begins. You did not become an expert in your field overnight. Again and again, you explored new territory until you were comfortable with the terrain. What you were was committed – committed to reaching the next foothold from which to pull yourself up to reach your goal.

Not taking the time because you are too busy will keep you stuck, maybe even for years. Trust that you are not trapped. Trust yourself. Say yes when you see the support that gives you a hand up. Your voice is needed.

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