Not until you know what you really want and why it is important to you. The biggest problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that too often we base them on guilt or what others think we should resolve to do. Resolutions based on what other people value are doomed to fail. Do you want to lose those extra 10 pounds to feel better or to please your partner?

The New Year is a common time of year for us to focus on new beginnings. Yet, you know it is true… the vast majority of us who make resolutions, break them – usually quickly. But the news isn’t all bad. The process of making a commitment – like a New Year’s resolution – does increase the likelihood of making a change and sticking to it. Even though only 15-20% of resolution-makers keep their resolutions, the people who try to make the same kinds of changes without making a resolution do even worse.

The vast majority of resolutions fall into three categories: losing weight, quitting smoking, and starting an exercise program. What about you?  Anything you are ready to start, continue or strengthen in 2015?

This year, try a new strategy to increase your success and commitment to what is important. Think big enough to inspire yourself – before you come up with a strategy.

What Really Matters To You?

“When one is out of touch with oneself, one cannot touch others.”  ~Anne Morrow Lindbergh

I have been there… so focused on my work and what I thought was the right thing to do, that I lost myself.  There is uniqueness in you that wants to come forth and be lived.  What is that for you? If you are not clear, ask yourself:

  1. What have been the 5 high points in my life — five peak experiences that made me feel really wonderful?
  2. What are my 5 ‘hot buttons’ – situations or attitudes that really aggravate me?
  3. What are the qualities or characteristics of each ‘hot button?’ What is it about them that I feel so aggravated about?

After considering these questions, what new clarity do you have?

Now… Lose Your Mind

That’s right. Let go of the rational thought process for a moment.  What would you do if time and money were unlimited? What do you dream about before your rational mind tells you “no way”?

There is a reason Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Nothing new is created until we can see it in our mind’s eye first.  Once that picture is clear in your mind, your passion will provide the energy and resources for the required action.

That’s enough for now!  No lists. No goals.  Just dream… so you know what will inspire you in 2015.

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