Warning: You May Be Causing People to Resist Your Ideas

As a physician, you need to have influence to solve the challenges your patients and organizations face. Unfortunately, right now you may be unknowingly causing people to resist you and your message. There are five common obstacles for women of influence that can limit their ability to speak confidently, be heard and gain agreement from others.

Fear of Appearing Overly-Ambitious

We falsely believe that if we go after what we want, we will appear to others as pushy, self-serving or overly aggressive. Then people will avoid us and we will never get what we want.

Antidote: Women of influence need to build rapport through respect with active listening, welcoming others viewpoints and having a cooperative attitude. Come across as sincere and keep your focus on the issue you are advocating for.

Many Women of Influence May Have a Fear of Rejection

If our fear of being laughed at, criticized or rejected is greater then our belief or cause, it will be difficult to effectively influence others.

Antidote: Take the time to get to know others by establishing friendly relationships. Share something of yourself, and ask questions about them to establish a stronger bond and improve their desire to listen.

Thinking Too Much About Past Missteps

We all have had time in the past when we were unable to get our way or things did not turn out as planned. So we fear we will meet with the same outcome if we try again.

Antidote: Stay in the present moment by exhibiting good listening, eye contact, and open body posture. Just do it!

Thinking Your Perspective Is Not Important

The thinking goes like this: Who are you to think you can get someone to do this? This negative self-talk is sure to stop you in your tracks.

Antidote: See yourself as credible. Your perspective is unique to you and it matters. Never forget this truth.

Which of these obstacles are you most susceptible to? Start with the one that seems the most challenging. No need to do this alone- your friend has obstacles, too.

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