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Physician Leadership Development

Discover how to create the fulfilling life and career you thought you would!

There is no doubt about it – medicine has experienced major changes in the past several years. With all the increased pressures and demands, it’s no wonder if you find yourself frustrated, overwhelmed and dis-empowered. Perhaps you relate to feeling pulled in too many directions to be effective at what you most care about.

Your life in medicine works better when you have a clear vision that inspires you; a road map for success and the tools and support you need. When you are focused, confident and clear about how medicine can work better for you, most of the following would be true.

  • Your vision for the future inspires you.
  • Much of your time is spent doing your best, most rewarding work.
  • Work energizes you so you can also enjoy friends and family.
  • You are confident in your ability to navigate expanded roles and responsibilities.
  • A team you trust and work well with supports your vision.

Woman physicians who are implementing this approach experience more confidence, have a more positive effect with those they interact with, see options faster and experience more choice.

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