Discover how to lead from the inside out with more resilience, greater influence and lasting impact!

If you’re sometimes frustrated when it comes to empowering yourself and other women to excel in leadership, a personal leadership brand statement will help you adapt, flex and meet challenges in creative new ways.

The more intentional you are about how you want to be perceived, the easier it is to walk your talk and lead with influence, not only at work but in all areas of your life.

I wrote Create Your Personal Leadership Brand: The Key to Greater Influence and Lasting Impact in Life and at Work as a resource to help new clients get started with my signature coaching program, The Resilient Leader Way™, but you can implement these ideas on your own, too.

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You know it’s time to focus on your personal leadership brand when…

…You’re feeling lost and need to reconnect with what you’re committed to, so you can check your direction and get back on track quickly.

…You’re excited about a new opportunity like a promotion or a fresh start, and you want to set yourself up for success, show up powerfully and deliver results.

…You realize you’re not yet living up to your potential. Reevaluating your personal leadership brand can give you the clarity and inspiration you need to navigate life-changing decisions and transform your life from the inside out.

My clients say that their brand statement is like a compass that guides their decisions and behaviors and helps others trust their vision and judgment.

Women Healthcare Leaders:

Empower yourself and other women to excel in leadership by bringing forward more of your unique leadership perspective.

“My leadership brand delights me. I could not have claimed these strengths a few years ago. Now I am accepting myself and can use my strengths effectively.”

Kristen Brown, MD

“The material you provide in your leadership branding program is a valuable resource. Sharing this without charge is an example of your generosity.”

Cathy Lanteri, MD

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“My mission is to help women healthcare leaders reach their highest potential.”
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