personal leadership brand

I want to be known for being…

  • boldly committed,
  • playfully innovative,
  • and compassionately inspired,
    …in a world where women physicians are valued and appreciated for their leadership.
    Deborah Munhoz, Physician Development Coach

I want to be known for being…

  • strategically passionate,
  • holistically results-oriented,
  • and a change agent
    …so I can create a financially viable Palliative Care Program.
    Regional Medical Director

I want to be known for being…

  • approachably intelligent,
  • conscientiously committed
  • and innovatively quality oriented ,
    … so that I can create an accredited breast center to provide top notch breast care.
    Fellowship trained breast surgeon

I intend to be known for being…

  • Innovatively decisive,
  • strategically inspired,
  • and consistently trustworthy
    …To build a culture where people want to engage and excel in our mission.
    Chief Medical Officer, FQHC

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“My mission is to help women healthcare leaders reach their highest potential.”
- Deborah Munhoz

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