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“I am achieving my goals since I learned to shift my attention to what others needed from me in how I communicate.”

marcia levetown   Marcia Levetown, MD, FAAHPM

Recent Events

February 2018

Central Texas Chapter ACHE- Board Retreat

At this event, we planned how engage and educate our members in 2018.

January 2018

Austin ICF Chapter Book Swap

At this Book Swap, we had fun expanding our knowledge of great resources!

October 2017

FIX 2017: The FemInEM Idea Exchange
Women in Emergency Medicine

Exploring Your Leadership Brand: Find Your Voice and Get Results.

Celebrating and Expanding the Contribution of Women’s Leadership

Healthcare needs good leadership and women are stepping up in greater numbers than ever before. What does it take to create a world where the contribution of women’s leadership is valued and encouraged? In this interactive discussion we explored:

  1. The critical perspective women bring to leadership.
  2. Ideas for leveraging and expanding your own influence.
  3. Strategies for helping more women to succeed as leaders.


August 2017

TweetChat for Women Leaders

My colleague Dr. Helane Fronek moderated a TweetChat about emotional intelligence for healthcare leaders.

First read our blog post, The Secret to Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent Leader.

Check out the transcript of the TweetChat here.

Webinar: The Secret to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
Presented for the American Association for Physician Leadership

When it comes to resilience, emotional intelligence is a super power. A woman physician leader especially wants to bring who she is to the issues she cares most about.

My colleague, Dr. Helane Fronek and I led a free 1-hour live webinar for The Secrets to Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, sponsored by American Association for Physician Leadership.

In this hour-long interactive webinar, we shared the process we use with clients to help you leverage emotional intelligence in your leadership:

  • Step 1: How to clarify what you’re feeling?
  • Step 2: How to identify the real issue
  • Step 3: How to shift from having a reaction to being responsive in a challenging situation

April 2017

Harness your Emotions to Lead with Confidence
American Association for Physician Leadership, NYC

Deborah and Dr. Helane Fronek presented a workshop to demonstrate to physicians the role emotions play in leadership and how to harness that power.

March 2017

Career Development Pre-Course, San Francisco
American Medical Women’s Association Annual Meeting

Women Physicians Shaping their Future: Skills to meet the changing, challenging world of medicine today.

November 2016

3 Keys to Leading Well- How to regain a renewed sense of energy and inspiration.

Deborah designed and facilitated a tele-class for women physicians. Participants learned and discussed how to expand their perspective, boost engagement and reduce exposure to job stressors.

October 2016

Leadership Intensive Reunion

Deborah facilitated a one year follow-up and workshop for the 8 women that completed her 3 month Leadership Intensive.

May 2016

American Association for Physician Leadership Annual Conference Using Leadership Alchemy to Leverage the Potential of Women in Medicine

Deborah and Dr. Helane Fronek facilitated a workshop and discussion on the gender based myths that hold women back as leaders and how to turn perceived limitations into leadership assets. By popular demand, the live presentation was repeated as a webinar. Access the article here (pdf).

March 2016

American Collage of Healthcare Executive’s Physician Forum

Deborah published an article on effective strategies to move through resistance. Access the article here (pdf).

“My mission is to help women in health care explore the power and vulnerability of leadership to gain greater influence, stronger collaboration and deeper impact.”
- Deborah Munhoz

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